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Our First Goal
Villages In Tamil Nadu Thereafter Whole India

The ministry, which began in 1987, was registered with the government of India as a registered Trust. Started with a single missionary under the leadership of the founder General secretary Mr. B. Porselvan Asir, it has now 105 missionaries in different mission fields in Tamil Nadu at
10 districts. It is mainly because of the Prayer Groups, which support the Organization by their fervent prayers.

We conduct a lot of camps and a lot of other meetings. The month of August is a month of Fasting. If you want to take part in this fasting then send us your details so that we could either pray contact you.
B. Poreselvan Asir
B. Poreselvan Asir
The Founder and General Secretary of Grace Ministries. Born in a Christian family on 17.05.1962. He accepted Jesus Christ as his personal saviour in the year 1975 August 17th day at the age 13.
  Praise the Lord please pray for VBS�€™S. We are conducting at 300 villages where there are no churches total expense for one VBS in one village RS. 2500 by GRACE MINISTRIES
�€“ B. Porselvan Asir
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